Satan's Food Album

by Mister Lettuce

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Tacos 01:44
Beef 01:27
Cookies 02:33
Bananas 01:42


All songs recorded 2017 at The Dill Dough Bakery. All instruments played (horribly) by Mister Lettuce. Front and back cover photos by Mister Lettuce. Air was provided by plants, and food was provided by animals and vegetables. Food is really good!

Mister Lettuce does a parody of Sounds of Silence on this EP. He also parodies various lines from Pylon songs. Mister Lettuce really likes Pylon, and he also really likes Simon and Garfunkel. Mister Lettuce also really likes The Bastards of Fate and Tunabunny, two awesome groups who have new albums coming out this year.

Mister Lettuce does not like Donald Trump. Mister Lettuce does like food. Food > Donald Trump.

All rights reserved and stuff, 2017 Mister Lettuce. If you paid money for this album, thank you! I probably used that money to buy a Big Mac, and that is really cool. If you didn't pay any money for this album, that's cool too. I really can't blame you. I wouldn't pay anything for this album either. It really isn't very good, and people will look at you funny if they ever catch you listening to this thing, but who cares about that? Look those duck huggers straight in the eye and say, "fuck you, I'm listening to MISTER FUCKING LETTUCE, AND HIS ALBUM WHERE HE PRETENDS TO BE SATAN AND GROWLS ABOUT FOOD FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME (except for when he is singing about bananas)!" Then take a banana, and a loaf of pickle bread (made with the finest Dill Dough), and eat them and smile, because you know that food is the most important part of your daily diet... or something like that, right?


released February 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Mister Lettuce Atlanta, Georgia

This guy would like to say that he has never met a beer that he didn't like... but then he remembered that IPA beers exist. Yuck!

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